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The Peloponnesian War The Peloponnesian War became known as “the greatest war in history,” after its expansion and devastation that lasted twenty-seven years, and nearly involved the entire Mediterranean (Cole 102). Most historic information on The Peloponnesian War, or rather a series of two wars interrupted by a short time of peace, is found in the writings of Thucydides. Thucydides was an Athenian who first handedly experienced, fought in, and survived the war. His writings today are considered to be the most famous and historically accurate accounts of the event and are used by many historians who research the war. Following the results of the Persian Wars, in which Athens rose to dominant power in developing the Delian League to preserve…show more content…
Within this three-fourths of the population destroyed by the plague was Pericles (Cole 102). Now leaderless and weakened, Athens went through two leaders and eventually under Nikias, settled a truce with Sparta which initiated a six year span of peace to end the stalemate of a war that was occurring (The Editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica). This time of peace however, was filled with deceit from the Athens as they continued to spy and defeat those who aligned with Sparta. These secret wars lead to the annihilation of the Melos and eventually lead to the invasion of Sicily in 415…show more content…
Not only was this, but the idea of the city-state and loyalty was destroyed among the people of Greece (Cowley). This weakened financial status, military status and loyalty eventually led to the destruction and conquering of Greece in later history, but despite this The Peloponnesian War lead to the creation of new views and strategies useful for war and taught lessons to future militaries “that enables us to learn from the experience of others and so avoid repeating their mistakes” (Bagnall 309). These lessons according to Bagnall

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