Being To Smart Is A Crime In Harrison Bergeron

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Being different is okay, but in this case having to much beauty or being to smart is a crime. " Harrison Bergeron" is a short story where every body is the same and different in not normal. Harrison who is the main character, is more of a danger to the society then a hero. For instance, he has killed a innocent ballerina and risked other peoples life's. Also, he tried to make everyone believe that he's something that he's not. From the story, Harrison is a real threat to the society that everyone has become to known. Harrison, who is very intelligent had to go through everything that everyone else had to who were to smart but he only got it worse. From the story, it said how Harrison was taken away from his family at the age of 14 because of his intelligence. It seems like it was unfair for him because he is only 14 years old, however it quotes " Harrison Bergeron, age fourteen... has just escaped from jail,". Getting taken away for a crime that you don't know how to stop committing is wrong and sad but then escaping jail is even worse and makes the person seem more of a criminal.…show more content…
In the story "Harrison Bergeron", it states " she fired twice, and the emperor and empress were dead before they hit the floor. Diane Moon Glampers loaded the gun again. She aimed it at the musicians and told them they had ten seconds to get their handicaps back on." Even though Harrison didn't kill the ballerina himself or threaten the musicians, he was still to blame for a dead body and other life's coming close to death. If he wouldn't have tried to change society, then no one would be dead or coming close to not living no

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