Wacky Dream Analysis

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Interpretation of a Wacky Dream Leads to its Spiritual Meaning. In this month’s column Pamela interprets a reader’s dream with the symbols of spiders, chicken, pork, anaconda, and motorcycle. What could this dream possibly mean? Dream All my dreams always have two part. In the first dream I was walking with someone, but I could never see their face. We were buying something to eat and everywhere we went it said “chicken and pork,” yet nobody had chicken just pork. For some reason I had to go wash my hands from the elbow to my fingers. Then the second dream turned into a hunt for an anaconda. Although I wasn’t doing the hunting and I wasn’t being hunted, but I was in the middle of it. Once the hunter put the anaconda to sleep, I wasn’t…show more content…
Instead he need to be “porky” to fill up himself with his soul direction in this lifetime. Washing your hand from elbow to fingers reminded me of a religious practice; therefore, I Googled it to discover it is a tradition in both Judaism and Islamism. When you perform this action you are cleansing yourself before you begin your spiritual practice. There could be multiple dream meanings in the second scene of your dream; nonetheless, I’m be guided to go along the same spiritual theme. In the second dream where you weren’t hunting with the hunter is showing you that you do not have to be aggressive with your hunt during your spiritual path. Although your transformation has been asleep, this is shown by the anaconda being put to sleep by the hunter. A part of you, during this dream journey with the anaconda and spider, doesn’t want to hunt for self, yet you have no choice but to continue. Spiders in your dream symbolize you walking through all your big and little fears, as well as obstacles. However, there are times you need to avoid certain situation, hence the warning not to go near them to avert being

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