Peace Symbols In The 1960s

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The Peace Symbol The peace symbol was an emblem of the 1960’s that represents peace and unity of the nations. (Peace) Not only was this a sign of peace, but it also was also a sign of hope and power for anti-nuclear war protests, the Civil Rights Movement, anti-Vietnam War demonstrations, and American soldiers. (Peace Symbol History.)← nonukesnorth (THESIS) The peace symbol is used to signify peace, or a state of harmony between people and nations. (Peace) A British graphic artist by the name of Gerald Holtom created the symbol in 1958 to represent nuclear disarmament. There were two inspirations behind his drawn up idea. The first idea dealt with the military semaphore flags. Holtom was a conscientious objector during World War II, therefore used…show more content…
This sign defines the 60’s because they truly believed in peace and harmony. Most did not like war and wanted to live in a world free of violence and inequality. The 60’s are well defined by the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War, which both used the peace symbol as an emblem of power. The peace symbol had a huge effect among the peace-activist groups, soldiers, and everyday people; therefore the symbol did its job to fight against nuclear disarmament, war, and inequality. Many groups viewed this as a symbol of hope towards a world that they wanted and believed they could obtain. () Today the peace symbol is viewed a little differently than it was in the 60’s. It is seen on children’ clothing, jewelry, water bottles, and just about anything else you can imagine. In the 60’s, when the symbol was becoming popular, it was also being printed on anything and everything, but it was used with meaning and for a cause. Today the symbol is used so lightly because people are unaware of the actual meaning and history behind it. The symbol made a huge impact on the society when it was used to stand up for or against
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