Video Analysis: Throwing A Softball

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Throwing a Softball The game of softball originated back in 1887, and was originally said to be an indoor sport. Throwing is the most common error found in softball. Learning to throw the ball correctly with the right mechanics is extremely important in the game of softball. It is important that you focus on the fundamentals on every throw so that correct technique becomes habit. There are some mechanics you need to know before you actually perform the act of throwing. In the video I chose, Coach Martin from the University of Tennessee, demonstrates the proper grip and initial throwing mechanics. Once the softball is positioned correctly on the pads of the fingers, Coach demonstrates the proper body position for the Drop, and then proper elbow position during the turn. This is a great softball throwing fundamentals video. Elbows high. Fingers in the sky. Wave bye-bye. It’s the follow-through that makes the throw by determining the spin and velocity of the softball. In the video he covers the details of a good follow-through. Coach demonstrates the proper throwing technique in this softball video segment. For a good throw, both arms need to be in the same slot when bringing the ball down. It's called the Swim, come straight down in straight circle with one arm following the other. This prevents throwing across the body and maximizes power. He also talks about how the front arm assists the throw by using the gloved arm to…show more content…
There are many different types of drills that can be performed for each part of the throw, however, there are a couple drills that are more focused on than others. The One-Knee drill is a very common drill used. This drill isolates your snap and follow through. One other common drill is the Crazy Eight drill, which isolates your upper body, working on movement and

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