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PARAMOUNT PICURES LUIS MANZANARES Luis Manzanares Mrs. Page BIM-1rst 28 September 2015 PARAMOUNT PICTURES Paramount Pictures Corporation (a.k.a. Paramount Pictures or simply Paramount, previously Famous Players-Lasky Corporation) is a films studio, TV production company, and motion picture distributor. Is is continually ranked as the “Big Six” film studios in Hollywood. It is a subsidiary of Viacom (aka CBS). Paramount is the fifth oldest surviving films studio in the world, and America’s oldest studio, founded in 1912. It is also the last major film studio still headquartered in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. 1911-1920/ Early History Paramount goes back to 1912 when it originally started as Famous Players Film Company. Company…show more content…
Immediately Paramount cut back on production, from seventy-one pictures to a more modest nineteen annually in the war years.[15] Still, with more new stars like Bob Hope, Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, Paulette Goddard, and Betty Hutton, and with war-time attendance at astronomical numbers, Paramount and the other integrated studio-theatre combines made more money than ever. At this, the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department decided to reopen their case against the five integrated studios. Paramount also had a monopoly over Detroit movie theaters through subsidiary company United Detroit Theaters as well.[16] This led to the Supreme Court decision United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc. (1948) holding that movie studios could not also own movie theater chains. This decision broke up Adolph Zukor's creation and effectively brought an end to the classic Hollywood studio…show more content…
Barred from film-making by prior anti-trust rulings, he acquired the struggling ABC television network in February 1953, leading it first to financial health, and eventually, in the mid-1970s, to first place in the national Nielsen ratings, before selling out to Capital Cities in 1985 (Capital Cities would eventually sell out, in turn, to The Walt Disney Company in 1996). United Paramount Theaters was renamed ABC Theaters in 1965 and was sold to businessman Henry Plitt in 1974. The movie theater chain was renamed Plitt Theaters. In 1985, Cineplex Odeon Corporation merged with Plitt. In later years, Paramount's TV division would develop a strong relationship with ABC, providing many hit series to the

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