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TASK 4 P4. In this task we are going to explain how Ooredoo Company and Areej Vegetable Oils & Derivatives S.A.O.G organization of style helps them to fulfill their purposes. Areej vegetable oils & derivatives This business has a tall structure because there are dissimilar levels of people like managing director, quality control manager, commercial manager and exploitation manager. The aim and purpose of Areej vegetable oils & derivatives is higher sales, to maximize profit, expand their business, to provide better products and services and to have more popular than other competitors. To fulfil the company’s strategic goals, Areej vegetable oils & derivatives Company has interesting organization styles which are: Management style: A management…show more content…
These types of the leaders make sure to only inspire a featured professional relationship. This style is barely used among the company as they think that the less of input may lead to poor outcomes. Autocratic save a lot of time as quick decisions can be made and there is no time missing on argumentation resulting in the business saving time and money. "Laissez-faire management style" Laissez-faire style is described as the "hands off" leadership style since the leader delegates tasks to their followers, while giving some direction to the followers. If the workers are meeting their Key Business signals, then the managers and the directors take this relaxed style to coordinate their business. Furthermore, will show how Areej vegetable oils & derivatives can fulfil with their each stakeholder like they have mentioned in the organization structure in…show more content…
They follow-up operations day after day in the industries and monitors goods produced by the required in the market. This is to maintain the reputation of their company and customer expectations. Moreover, commercial manager helps Areej Company to reach their goals by following their responsibilities such as, bidding, pricing, implementing, planning etc. Ooredoo Company Ooredoo is an international telecommunication company. It provides services such as mobile wireless, wire line. And it also has content shares in market for domestic and international and in business for both (individuals and corporation) and residential markets. It’s also known as the largest telecommunication companies. It mostly operates in Middle East PURPOSES OF OOREDOO: -Provides mobile wireless, wire line. -Content services with market share in domestic and telecommunication

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