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Options For Treating Your Tennis Elbow One of the possible complications of playing a lot of tennis is tennis elbow. This condition develops when you strain the tendon on the outside of your elbow. It can happen due to the repetitive motion of hitting a tennis ball. If you use a racket of the wrong size or use an improper grip, your risk of developing tennis elbow is greater. An inflamed tendon can be very painful. It not only hurts when you bend your elbow, it can also make it difficult to use your hand. If your elbow doesn't heal quickly with rest, you may need help from a sports injury clinic. Here are some treatments you can try. Physical Therapy Treatments The advantage to going to a sports injury clinic is that you get access to a physical therapist. The therapist can teach you exercises that strengthen and stretch the muscles in your arm. Making your forearm muscles stronger adds extra support to your elbow. Other physical therapy treatments such as ultrasound therapy and ice baths can help with pain and swelling. You may need to see a physical therapist a few times per week after your injury. However, you should do the exercises at home as often as your therapist instructs so your elbow heals faster and becomes stronger so you don't…show more content…
A brace for tennis elbow provides support over your forearm. This extra support takes the strain off the tendons in your elbow. This helps relieve pain so you can use your hand and arm to go about your daily activities while you heal. This type of brace is called a counterforce brace, and it comes in different styles. One looks like a sleeve you wear on your lower arm. Another is a small strap you wear just below your elbow. You may only need to wear the brace while you play tennis, or you may need to wear it all day. It's purpose is to provide pain relief when you use your arm, so you should remove the brace when you're resting or

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