Outbreak Case Studies

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called to the campus to investigate the outbreak and each individual. There are nine patients suspected to be victims of the outbreak: Sue, Jill, Anthony, Wanda, Maggie, Maria, Arnie, Marco, and Alvin. The case study began with tracing the lifestyles and symptoms of all nine patients pre-outbreak. The following patients were organized, to compare symptoms, lifestyle, possible spread of infection, and theories. Patient 1: Sue Sue is an athlete on the university's soccer team, an overall studious person, and is roommates with Jill. Sue has minimal sleep, and tends to pull “all-nighters”. Sue symptoms include: a fever of 100.6°F, feeling lethargic, a cough and tightness in the neck. Patient 2: Jill Jill is on the soccer team, goes to parties frequently and…show more content…
Anthony runs through the woods due to being a reporter for the school's newspaper, and goes to almost every sporting event. Anthony’s symptoms include: a mild cough, being lethargic, sinus issues, feeling sore and a temperature of 100°F. Patient 4: Wanda Wanda has recently become a pledge with Jill in a sorority and attends parties and concerts at the university. Wanda’s symptoms include: a fever, swollen glands, and a sore throat. Patient 5: Maggie is a vocalist in a band on campus and is currently living on the same floor of the dorms that Sue and Jill are, she is also in their chemistry class. Maggie’s symptoms include: a scratchy throat, feeling heavy headed, temperature fluctuations, and complaining of her throat feeling like it is almost on fire. Patient 6: Maria Maria lives in the same dorm as Sue and Jill down the hall, she visits their dorm frequently and shares food and drinks with them. Maria’s symptoms include being lethargic, having a hot forehead, and a temperature of 103°F. Patient 7: Arnie Arnie photographs sporting events and is friends with Anthony. Arnie’s symptoms include: a cough, runny nose, and temperature of

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