Othello Iago Character Traits

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Iago Iago’s attitude toward all the roles of the game is superior and he manipulates and betrays them for his own gain. Iago portrayed himself to friendly and clever, but he applies his talents to deceive others destroying their lives. Iago is a villain and he hurts people, but he does not take the weapon in his arms. He uses tactics, strategy to destroy others’ lives using words and making others to partake in his dirty tricks’ The most obvious is Iago was angry that he did not get the promotion of being Lieutenant and it was given to Cassio. He confesses to Roderigo why he had hatred toward Othello and his reasons to ruin Othello life. Iago has a rival with Cassio as well. His character turns for the worse throughout the play.…show more content…
Deep down inside, he knew that he was mischievous and had anger to pull strings and even plot to wipe out others even himself. Iago makes the statement in (1.1.67). “I am not what I am.” He was only saying that he could not be trusted. (Bevington, 2014). Iago was jealous and not content with himself. His rage forced him to sow discord in others life. Being jealous of the Moor, Iago confronts Cassio that his wife Emilia was committing adultery with Othello. ... I hate the Moor; and it is thought abroad that 'twixt my sheets 'Has done my office. I know not if’s be true; yet I, for mere suspicion in that kind, Will do as if for surety. (1.3.378-82) (Bevington,

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