Transcendentalism In Dead Poets Society

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Todd Anderson once said, “I’m not like you, alright? You say things and people listen. I’m not like that,” causing us to realize how powerless Todd thought he was. Todd Anderson, a quiet, timid teenager beginning his career at Welton was the youngest in his family of four, with extremely high expectations placed on him. His older brother, who became a lawyer, was a Valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar at Welton University, which is why Mr. and Mrs. Anderson had such great expectations for Todd. During his stay at Welton, Todd is faced with many obstacles he must overcome in order to impress his parents as much as possible. Throughout Dead Poet’s Society, a movie offering a variety of transcendentalist ideas through the teachings of Mr.…show more content…
When he first arrives to Welton, he decides that he wants to take rowing as one of his courses instead of soccer, but while making his request, he becomes scared of the authority and stutters as he speaks, and later finds out he was given soccer as opposed to rowing. Todd not being able to ask for permission to take a specific course from the counselor clearly depicts his nervousness and how poor he is when speaking to authority. Just a simple task like this one is a struggle for Todd, giving him a major disadvantage in a lot of situations at Welton. His conversation with the counselor is not the only sign in the movie of his inability to speak boldly to someone higher up than him. Second, in contrast to his brother being a lawyer, Todd wants to become a writer after schooling, but does not mention this desire to his parents because he knows they will disapprove of his ambition. Because of his brother’s successes and the pay difference and prestige level between a lawyer and a writer, Todd thinks it is best for his parents not to know that he doesn’t want to be a lawyer. Also, he is just simply afraid to talk to them about something that important to them. In conclusion, Todd is immensely high-strung when it comes to speaking out about his opinion to others, especially

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