How Is Iago An Intrusive Character In Othello

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I strongly agree that Iago is a character of, “Motiveless Malignity” as it evokes him. William Shakespeare constructed Iago as one of the most narcissistic and intrusive character in Othello .He is thought of as compelling as the reliance that Othello gives to him and in which he is disloyal to Othello. As Samuel Coleridge stated that Iago was, “Motiveless Malignity”, connotes that when Iago became misogynistic, he did not apprehend what the result will become; nevertheless he endured his vengefulness and was driven by his wicked acts to manipulate Othello. Although his cursive gift allows him to be the most misunderstood character and for causing Othello to go through hardship and making him be vulnerable and naïve. When posed the question is Iago a character of, “Motiveless Malignity”, we search for the motives behind his envious behaviour and we distinguish three levels of motives: position of lieutenant given to Cassio, conspiracies of Emelia, Moors were seen as inferior to men and Iago being turned down by someone inferior kindled his hateful and shrewd attitude. If Othello hadn’t been surrounded by a prejudice society he might not have ended the way he did. Whereas if he did not listen to Iago’s ‘trusted words’, Iago would view him as disloyal and believing everything he has been told…show more content…
The fatal flaw is his insecurities as if he’d had been stereotyped, during the time, by a prejudice society; he would not have been overridden by uncertainty. He is also ridden by jealousy, “If I do prove her haggard, Though that her jesses were my dear heartstrings”, insinuates Desdemona is shown as pulling his chords and guiding him towards the path of wrong and sins. Nevertheless it is the malevolent nature of Iago and is a character of, “Motiveless Malignity” as famously stated by Samuel

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