The Destruction Of Honest Iago In Shakespeare's Othello

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Known as 'Honest Iago' to many, Iago is one of the most evil and manipulative characters in Shakespeare's Othello. Shakespeare portrays Iago as a puzzling and constantly endangering individual. It is easy to see that Iago is consistently creating new plans to manipulate others and establish dangerous situations that everyone else is completely oblivious of. At the beginning of the play, Iago is no more than a jealous bearer, disappointed in Othello's decision in appointing Cassio to the lieutenant position. As the play progresses, Iago uses the secret love between Othello and Desdemona to cause much confusion and cut a deep divide among many Venetians, ultimately for his own personal gains, and revenge for Othello's decision. Eventually, Iago becomes a monstrous villain, having no sympathy for anyone other than himself, even when it comes down to life or death. Despite all of…show more content…
On the outset of his rage-filled plots, he seemed lost, and not meaning much harm. As he continued, he saw how effective his persuasive lies and rhetoric was on others. He was compelled by this, and continued to exploit others through his devious ways. It was never enough for Iago, he pushed his limits and when as far as he could, finagling others through circumstances that were cruelly staged. The more he progressed, the less he had sympathy for others, and the more he was satisfied with his ability to mess with the other people, as if he were playing a strategic game of chess. I believe that Iago is ultimately a coward, who never desired to address his personal problems directly. He had to involve many more unnecessary bystanders who were hurt in the process, either physically, and or emotionally, forever. It is evident, that in William Shakespeare’s Othello, Iago grows from a troubled bearer to a vicious villain with no tenderness for others and their

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