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There are many characteristics that make Ethan Fromme uniquely American. Ethan Fromme is not American just because he resides in Starkfield, Massachusetts yet that is one attribute aside from his loyalty, hardworking nature, strong sense of family and honor. Ethan was a proud man who took pride in his family farm and tried to better himself by attending college and working toward his dream of settling in a city where opportunities would be within his reach. His dreams and studies came to an abrupt end when his father passed away and his mother fell ill shortly after. Ethan then returned home to Massachusetts to tend to the farm, sawmill and care for his mother (Wharton). This is what makes Ethan Fromme uniquely American. An American is someone who strives toward the future trying to better themselves and continues on that journey. This is the American dream which all hope to obtain. To be able to look at yourself and know you did the best you can do, not only for yourself, but for your family and those around you. Americans deal with many downfalls in their lives, just as Ethan did in losing first his father and…show more content…
Every American wants someone in their life to care for and for them to show such affection in return. What he felt for Zeena after his mother’s death was loneliness and perhaps what he saw in Zeena as she cared for his mother was a type of love he craved but if he was not in such an emotional state he may have thought his actions through more thoroughly before marrying her. Ethan wanted what his parents had, their 50 years of marriage and togetherness being there for each other. The thought of being alone on the farm and the recent loss of his parents may have been an emotional breakdown for Ethan. Though he cared for Zeena in his own way, when Mattie arrived the attraction he felt for this healthy woman was something he had never felt. Ethan was smitten with Mattie and her zest for life

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