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In this passage, it seems that Marlowe has met his match, someone that Marlowe can’t overpower with his wit and cunning mind. From the start of the passage to the end of it, the power seems to shift in many different directions and it is hard to see who actually has the power at some points. It is here we also meet a new character, Eddie Mars, and we see what he offers to the book and just what kind of character he is. It seems that he is the one character who can match Marlowe and give him a run for his money with the power he is and the role he plays in the story. It is here that our hero meets his arch-nemesis, which is just a preview for what is to come in the rest of the story. Throughout this passage, it is suggested that Mars is a dangerous man and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. The problem is, Marlowe knows what he wants and does his best not to give it to him. One part that shows this character of Eddie Mars is when he calls in his two henchman to search Marlowe. “Mars flicked the Luger out again and pointed it at my chest. ‘Open the door’” (pg. 73). This…show more content…
One thing is that Marlowe is the clear hero in this story but we all know that every hero has a villain. The villain in here is Mars, and he definitely shows us, as well as Marlowe, the power he has. The fact that in the passage he had a gun pointed at Marlowe, he had Marlowe checked for weapons, and that he didn’t let Marlowe leave shows us that Marlowe seems to have met his match in the book. Mars seems to have the upper hand throughout the scene, though Marlowe does a good job not telling Mars what he wants in order to keep his clients safe. Here, Chandler shows us a potential problem Marlowe might face in the future of the book when it comes to finding the murderer and ultimately the truth in what is this roller coaster of a ride for

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