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Willy Wonka in the World of Public Relations Although the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is both entertaining and fun for families to watch together, it also severs as a wonderful example of several different public relation ideas and concepts. Willy Wonka is a candy mastermind, who creates creative and delicious candies that children and adults alike enjoy. While Willy may be a very skilled candy maker, but he is even more skilled when it comes to effectively carrying out an effective public relations event and promoting his company. Willy Wonka created a movement that encouraged people of all sorts to purchase his chocolate. Willy Wonka used several different forms of media to create a buzz and to carry out his simple, but still effective message. His chocolate factory, a mystery to all, would be open to five lucky kids, who had obtained a golden ticket. The factory was very secretive, no one knew of anything that went on inside of it. Regardless of the unknown, people still loved and adored the creations that came from the factory. Willy Wonka did not target a specific region, but instead his already loyal customers all over the world. The Golden ticket contest created a buzz within this already loyal group of consumers and their children. This buzz then spread to others, due to the rarity of the tickets, they became valuable…show more content…
Initially the company posted only posters, signs, and relabeled their candy all relaying the same key message. Using signs and posters to initially inform his publics of the golden tickets, was extremely effective. In our community today signs would be a form of communicating with passive audiences, but in the context of the movie, it was a very appropriate way to reach the public. Following the signs and posters, news media began to cover the contest. Newspapers and broadcasts alike were coving every aspect of the contest and the hunt for the golden

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