Mood Plot And Action In Musical Theater

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Different forms of theater vary with their use of mood, plot, and action. Plays that are called realism, which includes plays such as A Doll's House rely heavily on plot and action and less on mood. This play use a realistic actions and acting in order to potray a plot, or situtaion, that can happen to any of the audience members. The mood within this play can change depending on the intensity of the action and where in the plot the characters are at. For example, the climax with the actions with high emotion will have strong intensity, while the beginning of the play it might be calm. In musical theater, the plot and actions is the key element of this play and mood is usually very lively and energetic. For instant, Wiked rely on actions that require special effects, for instant the suspencion of Elphaba,…show more content…
In Odepus Rex the main character, Odepus, accidently causes his fate to come true by killing his father and sleeping with his mother. The plot and action is the reason people watch this certain production, while the only huge mood moment the sadness audience might feel is during the end when the tragic hero meet his eyeless demise. Shakesperean plays also rely on action within a specific plot in order to show a specific mood, depending if it is a tragedy or a comedy. For example, Romeo and Juliet rely on the hatred between rival families in order to create the forbidden love and Romeo and Juliet, which end in the death of the two star crossed lovers. In medieval drama, the church recreats certain events in the bible, which is the plot of this production, in order to teach lessons to illiterate citizens. The church rely on actors to play Jessus in order to show how his actions as the son of God is the reason we believe that he is the

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