Nurse Ratched Vs Mcmurphy

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Situated at a psychiatric hospital in Oregon, the characters crafted by Ken Kesey in his novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest run an insane life battling not only the oppression orchestrated by the horrendous Nurse Ratched, but the psychological and mental terrors that rip through their minds, the sole reason they dwell at the hospital day in and day out. The novel focuses on the mental and psychological aspects of the patients in the ward. More than just the mental in-capabilities that encompass the patients' minds and actions, the reader can focus into the power struggle between Nurse Ratched and McMurphy through a psychological analysis, as well as the results that completely affect the others. Before the two ever officially meet, McMurphy begins to engage in the war for the power of the ward. He arrives to the hospital under the false pretenses of insanity, and immediately takes over as the leader of sorts, wherein the process of starting a war with Ratched. McMurphy seems almost run by instincts, rather than reality or morality. Freud states that there are three entities that comprise one's mental state, the psychic apparatus. "These are not physical areas within the brain, but rather hypothetical…show more content…
For example, the reason he went to jail in the first place is the statutory rape of a fifteen year old girl. Although this is a horrific crime, it is a form of hyper sexuality, and definitely a form of an Id state of mind. He was told she was seventeen, but hes in his thirties. He didn't think that this could ever lead to consequences for him, he acted on his instincts and wants for sex. This is further shown when he "steps out of the latrine door right in front of her [Nurse Ratched], holding that towel around his hips..." (96). He threatens the ward, specifically Nurse Ratched, with the possibility of him being nude. All for the sake of doing
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