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Where would the world be today if the united states did not declare independence from great britain? It would be a much different world. Still, it did happen and the colonists were justified in declaring independence for two reasons. First, the colonists were not even part of the decisions great britain made about america. Second, great britain made decisions that did not benefit the colonists but instead hurt them. Body the first reason the colonists had the right to declare independence was great britain did not allow the colonists to have a say in the decisions that were made about them. For example, Patrick Henry made a speech to the virginia house of burgesses in may 1765. he was angry about the stamp act that the british enforced on the…show more content…
For example, in the declaration of independence written on july 4, 1776, Thomas Jefferson said the people have the right to throw out the government if it harms them. Jefferson said Great Britain harmed us in many ways. He said the British, “plundered our seas, ravaged our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.”He even went on to say that the british also took away trial by jury in many cases. Like the “Declaration of Independence” says anytime someone or something harms the people, the people should have the right to defend themselves. This is what the colonists did by declaring independence. Many people were against it the colonists declaring independence. For example, Peter Oliver in his paper “The Origin and Progress of the American Revolution to the year of 1777, a history by Peter Oliver of Massachusetts, 1781”, stated that the colonists should not have declared independence because Great Britain was only trying to protect them. he also said most people did not want independence or were trying or were being lied to by the colonial leaders. Even though it’s true Great Britain was the country that started the colonies and protected them, it’s important to understand that there is a time when people must act on their own. This is a lot like children who move out of their homes. They become more independent and do not rely on their parents

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