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Sex At Dawn Pages 288-296 Questions 1 The story of Calvin Coolidge speak about a farmer with a few rosters who is able to many fertile eggs. When it was asked how they did it, the farmer said roster did duties dozen times a day, and they didn't say with one hen. That situation illustrates how it’s impossible to stay with one single partner. If they were given the choice as roster had, they would sleep around with many different females. 2. According to the author, most women who are under 35 “primary reason for sex is emotional.” (Sex At Dawn 289) While, women who are over 35 primary reason is “Physical hunter: (Sex At Dawn 289) A…show more content…
According to the reading, women’s from EU and US trivial to different places in search of a “no-strings sexual attraction.” (Sex At Dawn 289)Personally, I don’t agree with people doing those things. I understand Everyone is different, and people are usually shaped by life’s experience. However, If anyone of those women are married, they should not be doing no-strings sexual attraction. If they aren’t married, then I have no right to question their lifestyle. 4. “A man is basically as faithful as his option.” (Sex at Dawn 291) Chris Rock is trying to tell us that the options males are given define what a male will do. For example, If society didn’t see adultery as bad, then a male would be more likely to sleep with more women than just his wife. However, since they are limited, the will okay be as faithful as they are allowed to be. In other words, man can only go as far as their options. 5. Davenport learned that Melanesian islander see sex as “natural and uncomplicated.” (Sex At Dawn 294) Married males are allowed to have young lovers, so the male won't get jealous, while the wives just see the, as status symbols. Unlike western culture, they see the lost of that culture as “worse result.” The older generation have become sexual inactive and lost passion because of

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