Kathleen Jamie's 'Shia Girls'

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When you hear a particular name or place you create your own perspective of that person or place based on what you have heard. When you read a text or listen to someone talk the information you are getting is based on what they are reporting and producing. Though they might very well be actually reporting what they have seen, they influence our perception of the topic by only producing what they want to produce. In the text, “Shia Girls,” written by Kathleen Jamie, she writes about her experiences when she traveled to Pakistan. While Jamie reports in her story things she has witnessed, she also produces a perception about Pakistan. Jamie is describing the people and culture of Pakistan in her travel writing. In travel writing you choose to write about only certain things you see when visiting a place you are foreign to. The information that Jamie chooses to talk about affects the representation of the Pakistani people. Examples are ¨Being Pakistan means being muslim¨”or ¨Being Pakistan means being politically tarnished.¨ Jamie’s travel writing creates an image of Pakistan.…show more content…
She uses the letter to start off her text because the letter shows how different Jamie culture is from Pakistani culture. Rashida points out a few things that Western people do differently from Pakistani people. For example, in the letter Rashida talks about how Jamie living with friends instead of living with her parents is not acceptable in Pakistan. As well as saying in Pakistan you live a “simple and Islamic life” (62). Islamic life is more simple because it is more limited and things are more restricted. Unlike Western women, Islamic women are shamed if they wear certain clothes or act a certain way. In the Islamic culture everyone has a certain role that they play and it is not

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