One Day Research Paper

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One day I went into the kitchen to get a snack to celebrate the weight that I’d lost. I was on a diet, but I wanted a cupcake. Since I was home alone, I thought it was the perfect time to enjoy a cupcake without anyone pestering me about a stupid diet! I got my cupcake and took a bite. Wow! The cupcake was moist. The icing and the texture of the cupcake was perfect. The flavor gave my taste buds an explosive satisfaction of yummyness. That cupcake was so good, I ate it all in three bites. I never thought I could enjoy biting into a dessert so much! I picked up another cupcake and took a bite. I was so happy because I was eating my cupcakes, with no remorse. I felt so much like I was in control and it felt great! After I finished eating the…show more content…
That cookie tasted so good that I had to eat another one. I got so comfortable enjoying the cookies, that I found one of my favorite television shows to watch. Then I began eating some more. By the time I bit into my fifth cookie, I heard Anthony turning the door knob, to enter the bedroom. I immediately began lying on the bed, with the cookie in my hand. I pulled the covers over my head. I was trying to finish eating the cookie, but he kept talking to me as I was trying to finish it. I didn’t want to talk because he would’ve noticed that I was eating something. That would’ve resulted in him asking me, what I was eating, like he usually do. I really didn’t want him to know I had the cookie because, he would’ve said something about me dieting. He was talking to me as he pulled the covers. I grabbed it, so he couldn’t get it off my head, since I hadn’t finished eating the cookie. When I responded to him pulling the covers, he asked me, “Are you cold or something?” I told him, “Yeah, I just came in from outside. I’ll be out soon as I warm up a little bit.” When I was done eating the cookie, I came from underneath the

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