One Day On Mars Research Paper

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In today’s world, there is much unawareness in terms of space knowledge. 50 years ago, imagining sustaining human life anywhere besides Earth was an insane concept). Thanks to Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and many more innovators, this dream has now become a reality. He does not work with NASA, but works with his own research team. He states that he and his team will be able to get humans living on Mars by 2026. This is almost 10 years ahead of NASA when it comes to colonizing mars. (1) NASA is estimating it to be around the year 2035. (1) Elon Musk is a billionaire very interested in getting life to Mars. He has dedicated a lot of time and money for this exploration. This exploration endeavor is known as SpaceX. However, the concept of bringing humans to Mars produces many questions. Why do we want to go there? What issues can or will arise? So many questions are waiting to be answered.…show more content…
A day on Mars is about 24 hours and 37 minutes. (2) This would make it easy for humans or animals living on Earth to adjust comfortably to Mars. Season duration and seasonal activity on Mars is similar to that of Earth’s as well. Mars and Earth have similar axial tilts. This would benefit farmers and those they are supplying food to because harvesting food is one of the most important obstacles of surviving. If they can surpass the food obstacle it will allow researchers to focus on other parts. Mars, as dry as it is, surprisingly has plenty of water reserves. Also, there is an abundance of water stored underneath its surface which could be dug up and purified. Mars and Earth have plenty of similarities, making potential colonization that much
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