Personal Narrative: A Career In My Writing

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I always think the biggest issue for me in writing is my grammar; however, according to the past writing course, I found that there are many new knowledge and writing skills that I can use in my wring in order to polish my English writing rather than just focus on the grammar. I am not sure what is my current relationship to writing. First of all, I took many wring classes in the past few years. Actually I feel scare when I heard writing. However, when I look back today, I feel like those are the steps for me in order to become a writer not just to get grades. For example, when I was taking Academic English courses, I was focusing on the grammar errors. However, when I took WR39A and WR39B, I was not just focusing on the grammar errors, I also need to know how to use rhetorical situation in my writing but also to be able to find out how other writers’ use rhetorical situation in their writing. Everything for me is new knowledge, but they really help me to know what I need to improve in my writing skill. I still remember the first day when I came to the WR39B class; the professor showed us a list of Youtube videos to let us to understand what is humor; however, I did not understand anything when my classmates was laughing on those videos. I was thinking that I couldn't do…show more content…
One of the examples that I can find from my past rhetorical analysis paper is that the first body paragraph and the second paragraph talk about the same ideas. The only difference is that I used different textual evidences. My goal was to show the improvement of my idea; however, became repeating my idea over and over again. I did not notice this until I received the comments from the professor. I did not know how to fix this problem, and the way that I did was to delete the whole paragraph and start a new idea. I think I need to find out a more efficient way to do solve this

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