Of Mice And Men Character Analysis

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In almost all friendships there are two friends who are dependent on each other for advice and to be there for one another. However, in the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Lennie is remarkably dependent on George. The story takes place during the Great Depression in the United States where it became arduous to find a decent paying job. The two men work as a team on their expedition to find a job, but it becomes difficult because of Lennie's memory and mental disability. George contributes independence throughout the story because he is caring, a leader, and he is cautious. George cares for Lennie almost like a father and defends him from what others have to say about him. “I’m gonna tell George what you says. George won’t have you messin’ with Lennie” (78). Curley says this to his wife in Crooks room because it shows how George and Lennie are always associated with each other. George always has Lennie's back and is always there for him when people misunderstand him or when he makes a mistake. Georges independence causes Lennie to be dependant on him for everything.…show more content…
But the boss became suspicious because of George’s controllingness. “He’s my . . . cousin. I told his old lady I’d take care of him after he got kicked in the head by a horse” ’(23). This quote shows how cautious George is because of how quick it was for him to come up with an alibi to the boss. He does not want the boss to get a bad impression on him so he had to make Lennie look good which shows his quality of being an independent person. George tries to pay great attention to everyone at the ranch to make sure they would not cause a problem with George but then he met Curley's wife. “I seen ‘em poison before, but I never seen no piece of jailbait worse than her. You leave her be” (32). George says that to Lennie because he is extra cautious with Curley's wife because he does
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