Character Analysis: Of Mice And Men

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Lenny, the oldest of three sisters, begins the play celebrating her thirtieth birthday by herself trying to make a wish with a candle in a cookie. This scene is fitting for this character since she is an unmarried women who is currently not in a relationship possible due to infertility. She has spent most of her life as a caregiver to their granddaddy who has been ill for quite sometime. Lenny appears to be the one who takes care of the family, keeping them close, which is apparent by the telegram she sent to Meg to come home for their sister Babe as well as the many letters she wrote to Meg over the years keeping her informed about the family. I admire Lenny for her role in taking care of her family at her own expense and happiness. It is an honorable task that goes unnoticed and unappreciated which is very evident that this is how the character feels since she has been withdrawn and shy around men and told Meg that she does the best that she can but ultimately she bears all the responsibility. Secretly, I believe, Lenny is a hopeful women since she is found repeatedly…show more content…
She is portrayed as selfish since she left her family, lover, and hometown to go after her dream in Hollywood. Meg’s pride kept her from coming back home for Christmas even though her granddaddy sent her money to visit. He was the biggest supporter of her singing career, yet Meg was incapable of confronting him about her singing career ending. Nonetheless, as soon as she received the telegram about her sister Babe, she rushed home to support the family. Meg is the one who pushes Babe to speak freely about the shooting of her husband and interrogates the lawyer to make sure he will diligently defend her sister. I believe Meg truly cares about her family and is willing to protect them at all cost. I value her ability to go after her dream no matter what the end result may have
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