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Everyone knows about the Greek gods. The twelve well-known, big, and scary beings who live on a big mountain, and who just seem like a myth to most of us. Though the gods seem like a legend to most people these days, they were and still are an important part in the lives of many people. For these people, the belief in the gods explains many things such as the creation of earth, the sky and everyday things in our lives. Of these gods and goddesses, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, literature, arts, reason, and battle strategies, is definitely one of the most important, and added many things to the world of the ancient Greeks. In this essay the lineage, appearance, personality, powers, stories, and allusions of this great Greek goddess will be…show more content…
Being the goddess of wisdom, of course Athena was extremely wise, and is a kind and fair judge. She was also the goddess of war, and therefore she was a great and powerful warrior. However, unlike Ares who is also a god of war who fights for bloodlust, Athena fought to protect things, and to right wrongs (Astma). Athena is also the goddess of crafts, arts and literature. With all of these attributes, Athena has created: many crafts, bridle, plow, trumpet, flute and weaving (Shmoop). The symbol of Athena is usually known as an owl, for that represents her wisdom. An olive tree is also one of her symbols, for that is what she created when she won the control of Athens. A weapon that is always carried with Athena is aegis, a shield with Medusa’s face on it. This shield was extremely effective for it is said to have turned many of her opponents to stone, though some stories say that they only scared her opponents. Of course, Athena is also one of the 12 Olympian goddesses, and thus, she has the powers of one. She can turn into most any form, and can turn anything into anything, and can grant immortality to mortals. However, some sources state that Athena actually inherited her ability to change shape from Metis

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