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Art is seen everyday and sometimes not much thought is put into what we are looking at. When I walk around my house and at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville’s campus, I see art all over the place. I usually just look at them and make a quick first impression on it. One piece of art that has really struck my attention is “Plugged In” by Shelby Fleming. For some reason, this sculpture really stands out to me. I pass it everyday and I have never actually gotten the chance to look at and interpret this work. This is my analysis of the sculpture, “Plugged In.” First off, this sculpture is located in between the engineering building and the Morris University Center on the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville’s campus. When…show more content…
It has a very dull look to it and doesn’t make it too appealing to look at. The person itself has a monochromatic color scheme, just a bronze look. The rest of “Plugged In” is gray. Overall, the colors are the weakest part of the art. It does not look good from a distance or close up. I am colorblind so the colors really clash with one another and it messes with my eyes. To me, I believe this art is representational. You can easily see that the figure represents a male person, even though it is not painted like normal skin color. The scale is also something worth mentioning. This sculpture is resembles a normal size human bending over with above normal size batteries surrounding him. “Plugged In” is asymmetrically balanced due to the fact that the left side and the right side are equal. There is a big battery on the right side and two smaller batteries on the left side and it looks really nice. The head and the arms on the right side equal the legs and the rear on the left side too. The emphasis of the sculpture has to be the wires that are being plugged into the human figure. To me, I think this is what the artist was really going for. The wires are what give the sculpture life and make it noticeable. It looks like most of the sculpture is made out of metal and the human figure appears to be…show more content…
The reason I think this is because of what the message it is getting at. My interpretation of this sculpture is that it resembles how most of our society is constantly plugged into technology. When I look around Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, all I see are people on their phones blocking out everything else around them. Even when I sit down to eat lunch, people are on their laptops doing something. Social media is a huge deal nowadays. There is a huge amount of people that have a Facebook and are always logging on to check it. Sometimes after commercials you get a message that says, “like us on Facebook.” Outside factors are encouraging us to take time out of our day to get on social media. This is what I believe the artist was going for. Since the wires are being plugged into the person, I think the person is being taken over by the technology. The figure appears to be in a surrendering position and this is why I get the sense of it. In the future, I believe we will rely on technology so much that it will eventually take over our lives. It is a really powerful message in a simple sculpture. The whole message is what made me appreciate this art even more. First looking at it, I thought it was really stupid and I would always ignore it. Now I look at “Plugged In” and I realize what the point of it is. If I were the artist though, I would have done a few things

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