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This is a story of a man named Bob Farris who experiences and sees how much time can change in what would seem like a short period of time. This just shows how many changes occur every year and sometimes we don’t even recognize them. So here’s a story of a man who experiences how a lot can change in your life. You see everyone knew who Mr. Bob Farris was. He was very popular in his town. Everybody loved him and he was always generous and loved to help others. Even though he always helped others, he never did anything to keep up his own house. His wife always got onto him for not helping out but he always ignored her and kept doing things his own way. He cared more about talking with his friends and socializing with them than anything else. One day his wife just wouldn’t stop bothering him about it, so he went to go hunt in the woods with his dog named Roger to escape her nagging. While he was there in the woods, a branch fell off a tree and it knocked him out. He fell into a deep sleep for about 10 years.…show more content…
Most of his good friends died, moved away to another city, or went to go serve in the military. Also, the whole town was changing. It was growing in size tremendously and advancements were made on the houses which made everything look completely different. Where there were once fields, there were now restaurants and a mall. It was now becoming a pretty big town due to all the advancements being made and all the people living there. Even the way people dressed was different. Just pretty much everything changed. But soon after he disappeared, his children became alone due to his wife’s death when she lost the battle to cancer. She had been battling it for a while but she just couldn’t fight it anymore. And since Mr. Bob Farris was gone for such a long time, everybody came to the conclusion that he was dead

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