1992 Los Angeles Riots Analysis

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The 1992 Los Angeles Riots started on April 29th and spanned six days. There were riots, lootings, civil disturbances and killings that ultimately led to property damage that was over $1 billion. This was the opposite of community based organizations, and there was nothing good to come out of these riots. 53 people were killed and over 2,000 were hurt. Anger, frustration and hurt got the best of people who were not looking to forgive. They wanted revenge or anything close to that. This outrage drove the community farther apart. This was a time where people of different races, let their rage with the police as well as each other be known. It didn’t matter what color you were, there was something to fight about and hostility would break out.…show more content…
Rodney King was a man who would soon be known all over the news and media. A videotape was released to KTLA, which showed the arrest and beating of King. He laid on the floor as he was tasered, struck with batons, tackled and arrested. These officers were charged with assault and use of excessive force, but were ultimately acquitted. This news along with the video footage was enough to trigger the community that this was not okay. The huge amount of attention gained from the media and Black community, started off the rallying. These minorities were going to get their emotional response across, “A year later, “these tensions became a major conflagration in 1992 in Los Angeles in the wake of the trial of police officers accused of beating Rodney King” (Dhingra, 183). There wasn't any punishment for the cruel actions of these police officers and they would walk away without even a chip on their…show more content…
Korean Americans were hardly noticed and now they were in the limelight. These riots gave America a look at a minority that was hidden in the background. As we see these minorities pop up, we are introduced to the fact that every single race will have their faults, yet most of our news stations give us updates on Whites vs. Blacks and what new things have come up, “Asian Americans had lost something, too. In a way the “model minority: was taking a beating from blacks, whites, and Latinos who seemed only too glad to deliver their comeuppance” (Zia, 384). Wrongdoing is a trait of any race we come across, and this is something to be aware of when deciding on how to act out on hate

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