Flaws In The Odyssey

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Greek heroes all have some sort of fatal flaw, which allows people to view them as a more realistic and relatable person. Greek heroes all fulfill several generalized epic hero traits. All make several mistakes, accomplish heroic feats, come face to face with death, and protect the weak. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus makes numerous errors in judgment and accomplishes copious heroic feats, both of which allow him to fit the archetype of a hero perfectly. Odysseus commits multiple errors in judgement, but he always fixes the problem or is forgiven. Odysseus and his men had become trapped in the lair of Polyphemos, a giant who lived on the island of the Kyklopes. After Polyphemos had killed a few of Odysseus’ men, Odysseus and the remaining men…show more content…
They get him drunk and Odysseus says his name is Nohbdy, in order to confuse Polyphemos. After escaping the Cyclops lair and returning to their ship, Odysseus “in [his] glorying spirit... let[s] his anger flare, disregarding his mens word of discouragement, yelling to the Cyclops to tell anyone who asks ,”[that] Odysseus, raider of cities, Laertes’ son, whose home is on Ithaka”(Homer.9.546-552), was the one who blinded him. Odysseus being in a “glorying spirit” shows that he is not thinking straight and making decisions without any forethought. He also lets his “anger flare”, showing that he was committing serious errors in judgement, purely based upon emotions. Odysseus revealing his identity allows the giant to find and avenge the loss of his eye, which fits into the serious error in judgement part of the archetype of a hero. Later in The Odyssey,
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