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“But my disease grew upon me-for what disease is like Alcohol!” (pg. 116) The author, Edgar Allen Poe, wrote an American Gothic story titled “The Black Cat”, which took place in the 1800’s in the narrator's house. In the story, the main character, the narrator, wanted to get rid of the cat, but when he did, another came (just like the first one), so he has to try and get rid of this one too. The theme/ moral of the story was that you can’t hide from God. First of all, the setting in “The Black Cat” proves the thesis of how you can’t hide yourself from God because He sees everything. The narrator lives in a large house with his wife, a cat named Pluto, and servants. “The whole house was blazing. It was with great difficulty that my wfe, a servant, and myself, made our escape from the conflagration. The destruction was complete (pg. 117).”Before the narrator’s house burned down, he killed the first cat, Pluto, by hanging it. So, assuming the cat represents God, when he cuts ‘God’ out of his life,…show more content…
The narrator is a very big animal person in this story (until something happens…) and is a drunk. ¨I slipped a noose around it´s neck and hung it to the limb of a tree. (117).¨ He had just woken up and decided to kill it, even though he still knew it was a sin! He was trying to ´kill God´, but of course, it didn work! The new cat came ´as God´ to replace Pluto (because God can see anything and everything and doesn give up). ¨My entire worldly wealth was swallowed up and I resigned myself thenceforward to despair (117).¨ This was when his whole house was ´swallowed up´ by the big fire. This is when he had decided that he was going to let the devil take him over and all the good left in him left him. I think this is why he absolutely hated the cat (from now on especially, because it was God). To sumit up, the main character in ¨The Black Cat¨ shows the theme: you cannot hide from

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