A Developing Country: Niger: Developing Countries

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Niger Topics Developing country: Niger Developed country: Australia What are the similarities between the two countries? What are the differences between the two countries? Conclusions: General Population of the country; political system; wealth, history, language. Population: 17,466,172 Political System:Semi-Presidential Republic, whereby the President of Niger is head of state and the Prime Minister Wealth: Niger is one of the world’s poorest countries and the export of uranium provides one of its few sources of foreign currency. Niger’s population also relies on subsistence farming and livestock production. It is trading partners with the French Nuclear Group Areva. History: Niger was incorporated into French West Africa in 1896 and…show more content…
Both countries have a large population and have good connections with other countries. Australia is run by Federal parliamentary democracy and Commonwealth realm while Niger is a Semi-Presidential Republic. Niger is one the world’s poorest country while Australia has a strong and stable financial system. Niger was under the French influence, they rely on farming and livestock. Australia is financially stable and has a powerful government which acts as a strong foundation. Niger (one of the world’s poorest countries) does not have a stable government to lead the country and can also resort to agricultural ways of…show more content…
Australia is gifted with biodiversity and the greatest number of reptiles in any country (755 species). Neighbouring countries: Papua new Guinea (2,368.5 km), Solomon Islands (3,208.2 km), New Caledonia (3,283.4 km), Christmas Island (3,384.6 km), Norfolk Island (3,393.4 km) and Indonesia (3,455.1 km). Similarities: Both countries have hot and dry climate, predominately deserts terrains and tropical climates near the coasts or rivers. Both Australia and Niger have flat plains, experience soil erosion, and droughts. (Droughts in Australia are later mentioned in this table under the label water) Differences: Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere while Niger is situated in the Northern Hemisphere. Australia has biodiversity and fertile soil compared to Niger where only 11.79% of the land is arable and only 0.05% is permanent crops. In Niger there is a lake shared between Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon. Conclusions: Both Australia and Niger have dry and hot climate, similar terrains but Niger is lacking fertile soil because it is situated next to the Sahara desert. Niger’s lack of arable land will result in food shortages and thirst. Access to water Do people have enough to drink? Is the water

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