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The stages of the Hero’s Journey consists of twelve stages composing the Hero’s Journey. The stages illustrate basic characteristics and functions that provide a flexible and adaptable mode to progress in each stage. The first stage the Hero goes through is the Ordinary World where the hero is uneasy and a problem occurs that disrupts the Ordinary World; the audience is able to identify the situation. The call typically changes the Hero’s ordinary world which is known as the next stage, The Call To Adventure. The Hero, now being aware that his life is going to change, has a decision to make. The Refusal Of The Call is where the Hero may be refusing to accept the call due to a sense of duty, obligation, fear, or insecurity. However the Hero is always going to have to accept the…show more content…
After having an encounter with the mentor, the Hero now begins his journey, also known as Crossing The Threshold. As the hero accepts the call, but often times needs a push, he is now prepared to be separated from the Ordinary World to the Special World. After crossing the Threshold, the Hero faces tests and comes face to face with Allies, but also encounters Enemies which is an important stage in giving insight as to how the Special World differs from the Ordinary World. In order for the Hero to Approach To The Inmost Cave, he must make preparations such as planning attacks, and reviewing maps in which will assist him to be leaded to the Journey’s heart. Throughout the journey the team will hit setback but the Approach allows the Hero to reorganize. The Hero becomes involved in the Ordeal, where the hero faces life-or-death situation, in which the Hero will confront his greatest fear and encounters death. The audience is left in suspense questioning whether the Hero will survive or not; however in Romantic comedies death may be the break-up of the relationship or a

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