Advantages Of Rapid Diagnostic Tests

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In the paper “Malaria rapid diagnostic tests: challenges and prospects”, the authors claim that a lot of rapid diagnostic tests have been developed in detecting malaria caused by the Plasmodium mosquitoes. Currently, there are three antigens: namely Plasmodium falciparum histidine- rich protein 2, plasmodial aldolase and plasmodial lactate dehydrogenase that are used for rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs). But, the other factors relating to these tests differ from one another. This paper serves the purpose of understanding the difficulties and challenges associated with rapid diagnostic tests and to overcome the problems associated with the current rapid diagnostic tests with new generation of alternative malaria antigen targets. Even today, malaria still remains to be a…show more content…
There are other issues associated with the tests and the overall performance has been considered poor which affects the physician’s or clinician’s decision on any antimalarial drug prescription. In turn, failure to provide malaria treatment can undermine the effectiveness of malaria RDTs, which are widely used for malaria diagnosis. (Joel & Dean) In countries that are suffering from malaria, the rapid diagnostic tests do not even exist at times. So, the WHO has suggested that rapid diagnostic tests are implemented with with a comprehensive quality control strategy. The quality of testing and the accuracy of tests are also influenced by the ability of health workers to read and easily understand the instruction manual in the packaging of the kit (WHO & Harvey). Another aspect is that health workers have not received proper training, which further becomes a difficulty for them in understanding the effects. National policies for treating malaria also differ from country to country. And, therefore training must be given so that it is known which brand and type of rapid diagnostic test is being

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