Nurses Role In Romeo And Juliet

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In the play Romeo and Juliet, there are characters that are used to help shape the story. William Shakespeare shares a beautiful tragedy through his one of a kind love story. Separated by blood and family, Romeo and Juliet are joined together by their passion for each other. Many characters shape the two admirers into who they become at the end. The Nurse, Friar Lawerence, and Tybalt are characters in Romeo and Juliet that have unique traits and contribute to the play. First, the Nurse plays a vital role in Juliet's life. She supports and protects Juliet just as if she were her own child. When Juliet meets Romeo, her loyal nurse is the first one she tells. Even though Romeo is a Montegue, the Nurse still helps Juliet find a way to make the love work. Just like a mother figure should be, the Nurse gives advice and opinions and is always ready to lend a helping hand. When learning that Juliet had agreed to a marriage plan with Romeo, the Nurse is the one to act as the messenger for the two. She delivers words from Juleit to Romeo and vice versa. She is also the one one to help keep the romance a secret for the two lovers. The Nurse adores…show more content…
He is simply just a man doing his job at first, but when he hears two heirs of the fueding families have not just met, but have also fallen in love, he doesn't like the idea one bit. He is then asked to marry the two. After some persuasion, Friar Lawerence agrees to the wedding, hoping it might end the long fued. "For this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households rancor to pure love" (p 98, L 98-99). Marrying the two, Frair Lawerence thinks that all is well. Later, he finds out that Romeo will be banished from Verona for fighting and Juliet is being forced to marry another man. He then gives Juliet a potion that will make her appear as if she were dead. By doing this, Friar Lawerence has made a huge impact on both Romeo and
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