Romeo And Juliet's 'Absolute Mother'

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‘A substitute mother’: how far do you consider that this description fit the Nurse? The Nurse is very caring and close to Juliet, and is her confidante too which demonstrates the Nurse as a substitute mother. However, in some ways this description does not fit the Nurse as she breaks the trust between Juliet and her. More so, Juliet still cares about what her mother thinks about her decisions. Juliet “was weaned” by the Nurse, which demonstrates that the Nurse acted as a surrogate mother to Juliet. This was common amongst wealthy families but it shows the Nurse carried out the duties expected of a mother, and was physically a substitute mother to Juliet. The Nurse considers Juliet as her own daughter too and loves her as such, which can be seen through her telling fond memories of Juliet as a child who “waddled all about”. The Nurse’s daughter, Susan had passed away which results in her being very close to Juliet making her “a substitute mother”.…show more content…
Lady Caplet asks “where’s my daughter” when she wishes to talk to Juliet about marriage with Paris. This demonstrates, Juliet’s mother is not aware of her whereabouts, whereas the Nurse is. Furthermore, Lady Capulet tells the Nurse to leave in order for her and Juliet to converse, but immediately calls the Nurse back to “hear our counsel”. This emphasizes the distance between Juliet and her mother as Lady Capulet is acknowledging that the Nurse knows Juliet better and needs her to be present in order to talk to her own

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