Nature And Nurture: John B. Watson's Learning Theory

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Nature and Nurture are two different things but have a connection. Nature is influenced by genetic inheritance and other biological factors. Nature is the influence of external factors, such as family, schools, health, culture and society. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was an Australian physician who treated patients suffering from mental illnesses. According to Freud development in the first six years occurs in three stages. He called each stage psychosexual because children derive erotic pleasure from whatever body part is central at each stage. This connects with nature because Freud talks about the oral stage and how sucking not only provides nourishment but also an erotic delight for the baby, and an attachment for the mother. Kissing in…show more content…
Watson (1878-1958) argued that if psychology was to be a true science that psychologists should examine only what they can see and measure. According to Watson if psychologists focus on behavior they will realize that everything can be learned. Other psychologists, especially in the United States, agreed. They developed behaviorism, to study actual behavior. This is called learning theory because it describes how people learn and develop habits. Children learn and develop habits from the parents of guardians in their life. Habits such as smoking or drinking. If the child is around smoking all their life, they will most likely pick up the habit because something may be missing from their life. The same goes for alcoholism. For example my birth grandfather was a smoker and a drinker, my birth mom was around that her whole life, and now she is a smoker and a drinker, also a drug addict which she picked up from her friends that she is around all the time. Based off of all the information I have provided, I truly believe nurture is what matters most. Yes their are a select few that are born with predisposition's, but the chemicals in the brain normally aren't out of balance. You become a product of what you are

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