What Doesn T Cry-Personal Narrative

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I went down to the ground and the woman screamed. That is all I could remember. When I came to, I heard my Uncle telling Mom, “All she needs is something to eat, we’ll go to the restaurants to get her some chicken.” I looked up and saw my Uncle and Dad walking fast to my uncle’s car to get food. “Well I guess you’re hungry, and I am too!” Mom said. I cried, begging and pleading my mom’s to let me go back to the park. I looked up at my mom and put my head on her shoulder, and then I crawl in her lap crying because the other kids were still having fun and I was sitting in the car. Mom said, “I will let you go on the rides once the sun goes down.” I said ok. I close my eyes thinking, to myself “why me?” Once the sun went down, I finally went

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