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Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “The Birds” is a film that uses psychoanalysis to deem typical moviegoers of how real life themes to scare the mind into think what’s real and what’s not. While watching this film, it goes through some of the themes of psychoanalysis. Such themes that are gone through are through an individual’s unconscious, subconscious, regression, projection, the ID, ego and superego and the pleasure principle. But to go through the psychoanalytic parts of the film, Hitchcock uses imagery for the movie watcher to understand his views of the psychoanalytic points he is trying to make. Hitchcock uses imagery to portray his vies of psychoanalysis. In the film, “The Birds”, this is what happens. Melanie Daniels is an average individual that lives and is from San Francisco. This film first starts off at a bird shop. Well,…show more content…
In this movie then represent the pleasure principle. The love birds represents Melanie’s wanting for pleasure with Mitch Brenner. At first they are the indication, for the interest in Mitch. These lovebirds, go along with the story from the beginning to the end of the story. At first thy enter the bay with Melanie that represents basically her new comings to the area. While they are at a stay in that area it seems that they represent chaos, because they are the only “new birds” that have arrived. It seems as though, because of the lovebirds, it is somehow Melanie and their fault that the swarms and attacks of the birds are their fault. These lovebirds also represent the abandonment of the two main characters in the movie. Because during the movie, the lovebirds are taken from they is home ad being put into a new one and being given to a new owner. Now from the outside it may look alright, but on the inside they would feel lost moving from place to place. This represents Mealnie and Brenner bcause they both go through some type of loss in the

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