'A Personal Narrative Essay On Halloween'

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The piercing hot shower water hits the back of Marion Crane as she winds down from a day at the motel. She turns towards the shower head and scrubs her hair, little does she know there is a shadowy figure creeping up behind her. Then before we know it the shower curtain rips open, and “Norma Bates” begins slashing at Marion. Marion cripples to the bloody shower floor and takes one last look at her killer before she leaves the dimly lit bathroom. Personally, I have always been a fan of horror movies. Sitting in the dark on a cool summer night, watching people race around haunted houses, and myself sitting safely underneath my soft, warm blue blanket. Then when the weather becomes scarce, and when Halloween comes around and AMC wants to do the horror marathon showing…show more content…
I certainly didn’t, and that is how this story starts with the house next door to my grandmother. Alec has lived next door to my grandmother for years, and for a very long time we never ran into any problems with him or his family. In 2008, my aunt and my cousins moved in with my grandmother. My youngest cousin Ethan, had a unique bond with Alec. Alec was my age, and Ethan was only three, but they got along better than I did with Ethan. That is when Alec started having a great relationship with my family, he came to Christmas, and it was like he was one of us. We would all gather around the tree, decorated with festive ornaments, with presents in crinkling snowflake wrapping paper. No Christmas was complete without a horrendous rendition of “Deck the halls,” playing softly in the background . Between all the people in the house, another person never seemed to make the difference. All of us never thought twice about Alec, and that is when everything was good. Alec’s father, Marc, was not the best father, he drank a lot but, I could tell her cared deeply about Alec. Alec’s mother Suzette was a recluse and almost never came out of their house, she was the Boo Radley of North Scituate. My father

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