Non-REM Sleep Cycles

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There are several things that happen inside of your body while you sleep. As you are resting, you phase between REM and non-REM sleep cycles. REM is an acronym for rapid eye movement. During this period of time, your eyes move swiftly in several different directions. It is imperative to know that this aspect occurs during the REM sleep cycle only. Non-REM sleep is defined as collective sleep stages where diverse features are observed within each stage. During the profound phases of non-REM sleep, the body cares for and regrows tissue, constructs bone and muscle, and toughens the immune system. Generally, you drift through five separate stages while sleeping: stage one, stage two, stage three, stage four and finally, REM sleep. One extensive…show more content…
Stage one is described as a light sleep. This phase may only last for up to five to ten minutes. While this is a short period of time, your eyes begin to slow their movement and your muscle activity begins to gradually stop. Though your eyes are closed, it would be particularly easy to waken you. During this stage, several individuals have reported experiencing abrupt muscle contractions followed by a perception of falling. In stage two, your eye movement halts completely. Your brain waves decrease, allowing for only a sporadic burst of rapid brain waves on occasion. Your heart rate reduces and your body temperature dwindles. Your body is getting prepared to enter into a deep sleep. Stage three is the introduction into what is described as delta sleep. When a person enters stage three, exceptionally relaxed brain waves are intermingled with minor more rapid brain waves. It's becomes tougher to wake an individual during this phase. If someone were to wake you during this time, you would have a sense of confusion for a short period. During stage four, the brain yields delta waves almost entirely. You have zero eye movement or any sense of muscle activity. During this stage is when some

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