Argumentative Essay About Dreams

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Can you preselect the theme of your dream? Can you avoid your nightmare? or at least change its content? Yes, you can – with practice. Typically, nightmares results from past traumatic events and usually fade over time, as the haunting memories become less intense. The nightmares may also evolve naturally into what some specialists call ‘mastery dreams,’ in which the dreamer finds a way to ease the pain or horror – say, confronting a snake or saving someone from a fire. There are 4 popular therapies: 1. Lucid Dream: In this treatment for nightmare, patients are trained to become aware of the fact that they are dreaming while the dream is already in progress. 2. Vivo Desensitization: In this treatment, patients are exposed to, while awake in day time, what may be troubling them in their dream – for example, exposing to a live snake caged and harmless – until the phobia subsides. The technique has been researched extensively. 3. Dream Incubation: This is more recent. If patients ever had a dream in which they knew they were dreaming, doctor asks them to write down the theme in a brief note and place the notebook next to the bed. Then the patients are asked to review the theme for few minutes before…show more content…
A man can get away with slightly less. But if a person is persistently getting much less sleep, or is suffering from insomnia, immediate help of the specialist is needed. Sleeping less than 7½ hours a day may be associated with a greater risk for heart disease, particularly for those whose blood pressure spikes overnight. New study reveals that the link between sleep and heart health is stronger than researchers had suspected. Normally, blood pressure drops during sleep. Longer sleep is therefore especially vital for patients who have high blood pressure. For children too, insufficient sleep has been linked to obesity and to learning issues like cognitive and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

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