The Importance Of A Poignant Love In Furious 7

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Why there is still that many people go to watch this kind of simple story? The surprise of Furious 7 is lower than Furious 5; however, in Furious 7 there is more sentiment. Dominic and Letty have a poignant love in Furious. In Furious 7, there is a sentence from Dominic “If you die, I die.” This sentence inadvertently reminiscent of the Titanic, “If you jump, I jump.” In Furious 7, there are not only one sentiment, there are also repeatedly stressed about families. This group of people goes through fire and water, but still helps each other. This is a belief, it just like cocoon break rebirth and hand in hand, this also is the family bond between Dominic’ s team and Brian’ s team. Dominic once said that “I do not have friends, I got

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