Non-Adherence In Health Care

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In U.S., non-adherence causes about 125,000 deaths annually, leading to 10-20% of hospital and nursing home admissions according some studies.1 Hence, adherence is an important issue to address in the healthcare system. Adherence is a term used to describe taking the health care provider’s (HCP) recommendation into consideration and having the autonomy to follow it as directed.3 However, some patients do not follow the health care provider’s recommendations due to various reasons and therefore it has an impact on the health care costs. Due to adherence being an important issue of the health care system, there are few ways to measure the patients’ adherence and pharmacists do play a significant role in addressing the non-adherence factors so…show more content…
Unintentionally it happens because of forgetfulness or busy schedule of work. However, patient is also non-adherent intentionally by having a different mind set without being aware of the consequences of disease or condition they are suffering through. In 2003, World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out a report of rearview of adherence on different disease states in developed and developing countries. In that report, WHO mentioned the factors that influence adherence. These dimensions include health system, social/economic, condition related, patient related, and therapy…show more content…
Then after, comparing the refill frequency from current to an old one can help determine the adherence to medications that patients taking. This measure has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. The advantages include getting the patient back on track of taking the medications appropriately as prescribed and therefore improves patients’ quality of lives by controlling the disease states. In contrast, the disadvantages that can occur is that the patient can lie about taking medications, meaning they can throw away the medications and can say they actually took them. There are different approaches that work for different patients. For instance, to measure the cholesterol levels, one can actually do the labs such as lipid panel to determine if the patient is adherent to the medication prescribed or

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