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Defining Moments in Canada Many events have happened in the 20th century. It was either exciting or tragic but the experiences and events have possibly lingered in the back of everyone’s mind. The battles, the leaders, the scars, and the horrible doings; they are all a part of Canada’s history. From the beginning of World War I to the last battle in the Cold War, these battles will forever hold an emotional and historic feeling in Canada’s history. The three Canadian historic memorable events that have happened in the 20th century are the battle of Passchendaele, the battle of Dieppe Raid and the battle of Vimy Ridge. The first memorable and most defining moment in the twentieth century was the battle of Passchendaele. The battle was…show more content…
August 19th of 1942, the Allies created a small raid on the small French coast of Dieppe. Although the Allied forces weren’t ready to bombard Germans, they still wanted to attempt to use their advanced equipment. Also, they wanted to gain some moral from the other countries. The idea was for the Canadian Infantry Division should spur out a raid on the French seaport. Operation Jubilee was a plan for attacking the Germans with more than 6,000 men in five different areas of the coastline. There were about 5,000 Canadians, 1,000 British commandos and 50 American Army Rangers. Sadly, the plan had failed miserably due to the Germans who were awake during the night protecting the Dieppe. The Germans had great plans such as firing many shells at Allied forces even though they weren’t on the shore yet and had barricades to keep away the tanks. However, the legacy of this battle remained till this day. There were over one million men and women Canadian soldiers who helped attack in the Second World War. The casualties were more than 3,350 Canadians; 916 died on the beaches, in the air and the naval forces. The battle was difficult from the start but Canada didn’t care and kept serving the armed forces. The scarification that the Canadians done, holds a unity and freedom that won’t be forgotten. The act that Canada did in the Battle of Dieppe Raid shows it was the most defining moment in the twentieth century for

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