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The second article provided by The American Journal of Cardiology is the article by Muntner et al., (2013). This article focuses on the prevalence, treatment, control, and current issues regarding elevated Low-Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol in Americans. The goal of the study by Muntner et al., (2013) was to determine current trends regarding the prevalence of elevated LDL cholesterol, treatment, and control in the years 1999-2000 and 2009-2010 (Muntner et al., 2013). The findings of the study indicated "high LDL cholesterol is common, its prevalence has remained stable over the past 12 years, and 80.8 million US adults had high LDL cholesterol from 2007 to 2010" (Muntner et al., 2013, p. 668). Also, during the year 2009-2010, 61.5% of Americans…show more content…
The Know Stroke Tool Kit is a tool provided by the National Institute of Health to assist healthcare providers and health educators with educating patients on the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of a stroke and receiving immediate medical attention (U.S, Department of Health and Human Services, n.d.). Other excellent resources are provided through the HHS website for healthcare providers to utilize to assist with the management and control of patients' blood pressure. The Patient Visit Checklist is a checklist that is an excellent tool for healthcare providers to utilize when providing care to patients with elevated blood pressure findings. This tool assists healthcare providers to ensure effective communication is used when communicating with patients. Also, the All of these resources is available in PDF format for the convenience of healthcare providers. Also, the Community Guide Overview: Team-Based Care Can Improve Blood Pressure Control to assist health care providers with realizing the importance and positive impacts a team -based approach can have on patients' health outcomes (U.S, Department of Health and Human Services, n.d.). Regardless of the excellent resources made available for healthcare providers through the Million Hearts Initiative, the easy to access statistics and information provided by the partners of Million Hearts Initiative is an excellent way to increase healthcare providers awareness of current issues such as the high incidence of heart disease, stroke, uncontrolled high blood pressure, and unmanaged high cholesterol. The Million Hearts Initiative offers great suggestions for health care providers on the

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