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pH Determination of Solutions Objective- The purpose of the pH determination laboratory experiment is to identify the acidity of the solution. There will be unknown samples of liquid solutions to be given and the pH of which will be measured physically using a litmus paper and using a pH meter, Introduction-You must understand what pH stands for.pH is a number scale that shows how acidic or how much of a base a solution is. The pH scale ranges from 1-14 and the lower the number means it's acidic and if higher it's more of a base. Also if theres something that has a pH of 7 it means it's neutral(ex:Water). List of materials/equipment and Safety Precautions -Beakers -Dropper -pH meter -pH probe -Glass stirring pole -pH indicator paper -Graduated Cylinder -Test Tubes Safety Precautions- Luckily the experiment was performed by the lab instructor which made it a lot safer. Just like every other lab experiment make sure you have goggles on. Also make sure that you are dressed properly for the…show more content…
First thing was to get 15 beakers and label them 0-14. Then the dilutions of the acidic solutions and the Basic solutions is performed. First for the acidic solutions, the acidic solution is placed into the beaker labeled zero. In the other beakers water is added. Now from 0 through 6 you transfer some of the solution one by one. Same thing with the base solutions except the base solutions are beakers labeled 8 through 14. Next a pH meter was used to find the pH of all the acidic and basic solutions. Some of these had pH's around the same range and others increased by a lot. Last part of the experiment required the use of pH indicators. Test tubes are labeled from 0-14 and placed into a rack.Now the solutions in the beakers are put inside the corresponding test tube and test tube 7 contains distilled water. With a stirring rod the solution is mixed in the test tube and write down the

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