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Becoming a bookie is an attractive option for many people. They like the idea of putting in few hours, yet earning a large return. Being a bookie is an art. Many people who become bookmakers lose a lot of money in the process. However, with a little patience and determination, anyone can win at being a bookie. Choose User-Friendly Betting Software The easiest way to make money as a bookie is to use software for bookmakers. Bookmaker software streamlines the entire process of placing bets and collecting money. People making bets can easily access a bookie’s website to make their bets and make payments. It’s important to choose a robust pay per head platform for clients to use for betting. Advances in technology has streamlined the process of placing bets, allowing customers to place their best in the convenience of…show more content…
Spread the Word The more people a bookie has placing bets, the more opportunities the bookie agent has to make money. Sports bookies should start their business by talking to their friends and family members about their new business in order to acquire new customers. From there, they can expand their reach through word of mouth and social media platforms. Never Lose Sight of Profits Bookies are in business to make money, so it’s important to determine odds prior to making the first bet. There are many software packages that will do most of the work for new bookies, but new bookies must be strategic. Bookies should always aim to make money; however, during your first round of bets, to keep clients happy, a new bookie should consider taking a loss. By taking an initial loss, many new bookies will continue to grow their clientele and make their money back. Remember, when a bookie takes a loss, it is only a loan to the bettor. With a regular clientele, bookies will get their money back most of the

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