How Did Thomas Edison Influence The World

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When you take a minute to look around and think about all the technology around you, who do you think of? Growing up, we are taught that Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors of his time. From the lightbulb to the motion camera, Edison had many inventions that influenced our lives. But was he the only inventor that helped to create the technology we see around us everyday? What lead us to this technological world that we live in today? Who was the inventor who had the most influence on the world we live in? The common view would be that Thomas Edison had the most influence on today’s world. Everyone has heard his name and all of the inventions that he is known for. He is filed on 1,093 patents and many of those inventions are extremely useful and revolutionary things. The main reason that most people would say Edison was the most influential of his time is the importance teachers give him while teaching our children. He is arguably the most widely-known inventor in history, but is that enough to make him the most…show more content…
He had numerous assistants working for him to help create many of his inventions. Edison did influence our daily lives but sometimes we overestimate how much he did. During the same time period that Edison was working on Direct Current electricity, there was another inventor by the name of Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s first invention came while he was in college studying electrical engineering. He created the Alternating Current Motor which is still used today. The following dispute would be remembered as the “War of Currents.” For many years they fought over whose current was better. Creating a friendly competition that would fuel their desire to create bigger and better things than the other. The biggest battle between the two was for

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